AH @ Eureka High School

AH @ Eureka High School

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At our Community Media Center, located on the campus of Eureka High School, students learn digital media and 21st century job skills while producing short films and television shows.

Access Humboldt educators partner with the EHS Audio/Video Production class to amplify teen voices across Humboldt County! Together we create videos that showcase the great things going on at Eureka High, and promote the actions youth are taking to improve their community. Students use our HD studio to produce school news programs, creative short films, team sports highlight reels, and community documentaries.

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You can watch Eureka High School productions on Channel 8 (EDUC8). Click on the links below to view online.


  • Episodes of the news and variety show produced by the students of Eureka High.

Senior Project Interviews (2011)

Short Films