California Net Neutrality Act advances in Sacramento

California Net Neutrality Act advances in Sacramento

Posted May 25th, 2018 by seanm

California Net Neutrality Act advances in Sacramento
SB 822 clears Appropriations Committee and heads to Senate Floor

May 25, 2018

California Net Neutrality Act (SB 822) cleared the CA Senate Appropriations Committee today and now advances to a Senate Floor vote before moving to the Assembly for consideration.

Access Humboldt has been advocating for universal access to open networks locally and at the State jurisdiction and been active on the national stage as well. Back in April 2015, the Eureka CA based organization filed in US Appeals Court arguing that the FCC's rules at the time were inadequate because they excluded mobile data services.

Access Humboldt's executive director Sean Taketa McLaughlin shared these thoughts today regarding California Senate Bill 822 (Weiner) California Net Neutrality Act:

"We know that North Coast Senator Mike McGuire is a champion and passage on the Senate floor looks promising. Now on to the Assembly where (along with the Senate) the telecom industry, including AT&T and friends, has been cultivating influence for decades.

Those who work in the policy arena are not surprised by recent news revealing industry tactics like the $600,000+ payments that AT&T made to Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen to gain influence with the new Administration. This is the arrogance of an industry that has captured not only regulation, but also legislation to serve their private interests.

Last year's legislative session in Sacramento was a major disappointment and a reality check. Access Humboldt noted the dominant influence of telecom giants' special interests that made rural, local, public and consumer interests suffer defeats across the board.

So clearly, NOW is the time for every concerned resident of the North Coast and across California to contact your State Senator and Assemblymember and let them know that you care about Open Internet. Take action now to secure access to broadband networks that serve public, education, government and other non-commercial purposes while protecting consumers personal and economic interests.

North Coast Assemblymember Jim Wood and any other legislators that folks can reach need to hear from YOU to ensure that they will support SB 822 in its current version! We have no doubt that State legislators have heard, are hearing, and will hear again and again from AT&T and the cash-rich profiteers who seek to close the Internet.

Support true open internet, this legislation SB822 is a model for the nation."

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Access Humboldt is a non-profit, community media & broadband access organization serving the residents and local jurisdictions of Humboldt County on the North Coast of California USA, managing resources that include: cable access TV channels; KZZH FM 96.7 community radio; a wide area broadband network with dedicated optic fiber connections to twenty locations serving local jurisdictions and community anchor institutions; broadband access wireless networks; a Community Media Center with studio and other production equipment and training on the Eureka High School campus; and ongoing operational support for public, educational and governmental access media services.


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