Community Media Archive

Community Media Archive

Access Humboldt also maintains an online local community media archive, which host locally produced videos (subject to presenters' approval) as well as many local government meetings aired on channel Civic10.

Internet Archive
Access Humboldt's Public, Education and Government (PEG) video collection is hosted on the Web by Internet Archive. The project gathers videos from thousands of community groups to provide permanent access to various local programs, creating an "on demand" digital library for future reference and allowing local voices to be heard any place with an Internet connection!

You can read more about the history of the Community Media collection at the Internet Archive and see material related to Access Humboldt presentations at the past two national Alliance for Community Media conferences here:

How does it Work?
When filling out a Request for Playback form, the presenter may choose to include the program in the Community Media Archive. The program will then be stored in the online system (Internet Archive) and becomes available for viewing and downloading.

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