View different ways you can submit and distribute content through Access Humboldt's resources.

Produce your own content

If you already have the skills, the equipment and the editing capability just package your program or PSA on a DVD and submit it to us along with a Request for Playback form. Click here to fill the form out online.

Use your Access Media resources

1. Become a member of Access Humboldt, attend an orientation and gain access to the Community Media Center (CMC) facility.


  • Enter your name into the HIP list and engage with other members of Access Humboldt who have various media related skills
  • Check out a Flip Camera and start creating content
  • Use the editing stations at the CMC and learn how to package your content for airing
  • Self-serve DVD copying station (four at a time)
  • Free Internet connection

2. Attend a Field Certification class and learn how to reserve and operate available equipment.


  • Gain the right to check out cameras, microphones, lights and more
  • Produce quality footage with professional equipment for low check-out fees
  • Engage with other members to produce content
  • Volunteer to help Access Humboldt productions and learn by watching and doing

3. Attend a Studio Certification class  read more »

Digital Media Productions

image:Eureka High School

Access Humboldt provides low-cost production services that include: Pre-production planning, budget estimates, meeting coverage, location shoots, and studio productions as well as post production services. Our production team will help you create a PSA, re-package videos you already have, or produce new content to fit your needs.

Are you a non-profit? Ask for a FREE consultation!  read more »

Humboldt Interactive Pool

Humboldt Interactive Pool (HIP) connects local people who have skills, talent, tools, and creative resources with non-commercial media projects. Currently, there are over a hundred members listed on the HIP. HIP promotes collaboration as a means to create diverse local production.

Need some volunteers of a non-comercial production?  read more »

Community Bulletin Board

Nonprofit messages, community service notices, and public announcements can be submitted and displayed on channels Civic10 or AH12 Community Bulletin Boards.

Your message must be non-commercial and must not contain pricing or calls for actions.  read more »