FCC shrinks and Humboldt County steps up for Open Internet
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FCC shrinks and Humboldt County steps up for Open Internet

Posted June 12th, 2018 by seanm

While the Federal Communications Commission abandons open internet policy, Humboldt County is stepping up to take local actions that protect net neutrality

In a letter to the North Coast's Congressional delegation (US Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris and US Representative Jared Huffman), Humboldt County Administrative Officer Amy Nilsen explained the need for open internet and called for actions to preserve net neutrality. The full letter is attached, excerpts include:

"Cities, counties and other local jurisdictions have come to rely on the internet as an open medium
with the assurance that a service provider will deliver a resident’s request for government content
just the same as they deliver any other content. Local agencies cannot allow private internet service
providers to be the gatekeeper between our residents and the government services on which they
depend every day."

"Responsible government officials must take all available steps to ensure the internet remains open
and to keep service providers from throttling, blocking or limiting government content on the internet."

Recommended actions include procurement and delivery of internet services that do not block, throttle or discriminate against data sources, monitoring and reporting closed internet actions of commercial providers, and promoting access to open networks that do not discriminate against local non-commercial content.

Access Humboldt's executive director Sean Taketa McLaughlin said, "While the FCC balks, Humboldt County is stepping up to address the need for open networks that serve the public interest while protecting consumers from profit-seeking control over the Internet. With the consolidation of absentee ownership across Internet providers and media conglomerates - the AT&T Time Warner merger is just the latest example - we need to support local actions to reclaim the open internet!"

For more information, contact Sean Taketa McLaughlin e: sean@accesshumboldt.net


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