Gain a Series Status

Gain a Series Status

A series is defined as programming with a common theme, format, length and title that is produced weekly, on alternating weeks, or monthly. View current series schedule here.

Each program in a series must contain at least 75% new material. No more than 25% of the programs can be re-runs. A series can originate from any of our four program categories: Access Production, Local Production, AH Production, or Import.

Presenters or producers may apply for a series status at any time. When series status is granted, a time slot will be reserved for that particular series program for the duration of that programming season. At the end of each programming season series time slots may be reassigned.

In addition to the Request for Series Status form, presenters must complete a "Request for Playback" form for each episode of their series.

Programming Seasons

There are two six-month long seasons per year. The first begins February 1 of each year, and the second begins August 1of each year. View current series schedule here.

Applying for New Series Status

Presenters of new series programs may apply for their desired time slot at any time during the season, upon approval of their series, and after they have successfully submitted three programs to Access Humboldt for playback. If the time slot applied for is already taken, the presenter or producer of the new series has the option of applying for a different time slot that is available at the time of his/her application, or s/he can choose to wait for the end of the current programming season to apply for their first choice of time slot.

Renewal of Series Status

Presenters who already have a series on AH and who wish to continue this series on the same time slot into the next season must reapply for renewal of series status prior to the ending of the programming season that is in progress. There is however, no guarantee that their current time slot will continue into the next programming season.

Time Slots Priority

Time slots for series will re re-assigned on a first come, first served basis. In the event two presenters submit their request at the same time, for the same time slot, priority will be given to newly approved local series. In the event both are new, local series, priority will be given to the person who is a new presenter or producer with AH.

AH reserves the right to determine time slots at its discretion. Presenters requesting series time slots are not guaranteed the time slot of their choice. Committed series time slots may be preempted at AH’s discretion in order to play programs that are timely, newsworthy or urgent.

Status Approval

Requests for series status will be honored if the producer or presenter has completed, submitted, and successfully cablecast three individual programs, thereby demonstrating ability to produce or provide programming that meets playback standards.

Series Episode Cancellation

Presenters or producers may cancel their series at any time.

In order to maintain a regular series time slot, a presenter or producer must submit episodes as scheduled. Failure to submit two consecutive programs within a scheduled season may result in

loss of the regular scheduled time slot and cancellation of the series.