Generation ZeroDivide

Generation ZeroDivide

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GenZD is a cutting-edge training and broadband access program in rural Humboldt County that is increasing teens’ digital literacy, educational achievement, and community engagement.


Access Humboldt's GenZD projects are supported through the federal Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP), and ZeroDivide, a non-profit whose mission is to transform underserved communities through the strategic use of technology. Check out some of our latest projects:

Real Life / Research Lab

image:RLRLThe Real Life / Research Lab is a youth-driven project designed to investigate and interpret on-the-ground use of technology in multiple communities in Humboldt County, CA. Using tools such as wi-fi enabled video cameras, creative mapping software, and broadband internet, teen researchers critically assess how their peers and families access information. Vist the RL/RL site to see student videos, community maps, and open-source curriculum.

KRECR Documentary Community Action Project

image:KRECRIn Fall 2012, Access Humboldt worked with Klamath River Early College of the Redwoods to create a school-based documentary filmmaking course. Middle and high school worked in teams to write and produce their own documentaries, which were presented at a community screening in Crescent City. Watch out our final projects below:

Orick School Digital Storytelling Project

image:OrickAccess Humboldt partnered with HSU's Redwood Writing Project to teach 1st-8th grade students how to make their own digital stories. Students produced short videos about local outdoor activities, including rafting on Redwood Creek, sailing on Stone Lagoon, fishing, and playing at the Smith River.