Hear us now! Open Networks or Bust

Hear us now! Open Networks or Bust

Posted December 7th, 2017 by seanm

Informational Performance Event 2:30pm, Thursday December 7th at the Verizon Store on Broadway in Eureka!


The new chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, was a top lawyer at Verizon. Now he's calling for a vote to kill net neutrality on December 14th. But Congress has the power to force him to cancel the vote. We’re gathering at Verizon retail stores across the U.S. to demand that lawmakers take action to stop Verizon’s puppet FCC from destroying the Internet as we know it.

Support Freedom of Information and Expression!
Open Internet is a human rights issue - for education, health & safety.
Net neutrality protects small, local businesses.
Open, transparent and secure networks are essential for democracy!

If the FCC’s plan to undermine Title II net neutrality goes through, we will have a corporate-managed internet where it’s harder for us to share and access the sort of content that makes the Internet so powerful.

Everybody can call Congress at (202) 759-7766. Please introduce yourself, be polite, and say something like:

I support "Title Two" net neutrality rules and I would like you to please contact the FCC Chairman and demand that he abandon his current plan. We don't need legislation, we need you to stop the FCC from gutting the existing rules.

Feel free to stream and share content from the event today with hashtag #StoptheFCC

Stay involved locally with Access Humboldt - http://www.accesshumboldt.net/site/
And nationally with https://www.battleforthenet.com/

At this informational demonstration we are also protesting Verizon corporation’s influence over the FCC and Congress. But we aren’t protesting the employees at local Verizon stores where our rallies are taking place -- please be respectful of them and keep everyone safe.

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