Join our Membership

Join our Membership

Join us in support of free speech, community media, and local voices. Access Humboldt membership offers benefits to local residents, which include, training, editing work-stations, equipment rental, studio space, and more.

Want to create you own program? Fill out a membership application, attend classes and use our equipment and studio.

Member Benefits

BECOME A MEMBER of Access Humboldt and support our mission.

Learn how to produce your own content, get access to equipment and network with other Access producers.  read more »


camera Studio floor

Our high-definition recording studio is available for members use. Members must be in good standing and attend an Orientation and Studio Certification to reserve the studio. When you are ready to reserve studio time for your production, complete a Production Proposal form. Our rates for Studio/Control Room use are: $5 per hour for use of the Studio and $5 per hour for use of the Control Room.  read more »

Humboldt Interactive Pool

Humboldt Interactive Pool (HIP) connects local people who have skills, talent, tools, and creative resources with non-commercial media projects. Currently, there are over a hundred members listed on the HIP. HIP promotes collaboration as a means to create diverse local production.

Need some volunteers of a non-comercial production?  read more »

Community Media Center

Community Media Center | Access Humboldt

Access Humboldt's Community Media Center (CMC) serves as a regional hub for PEG broadband communications and digital media production. Members of Access Humboldt can make use of the studio facility, editing room and workstations and check out equipment.  read more »

Video Equipment

image:Eureka High School

Access Humboldt has a variety of field production equipment available for use by certified members. The use of this equipment must be for non-commercial and must result in channel content. To reserved the equipment, members (in good standing) must attend a Field Certification and complete a Production Proposal form. Check out equipment list , rates, prerequisites and availability.  read more »


image:people in a circleAccess Humboldt offers several sessions aimed to train and educate members on proper use of equipment and facilities. After completion, members can rent equipment, schedule studio time and use the editing stations to create their program. Check out our online classes schedule.  read more »

Membership Policy

Membership eligibility and benefits are outlined in the Bylaws of Access Humboldt (AH.) Please find the complete and comprehensive version of the Access Humboldt Bylaws here.
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