National Spectrum Strategy advances

National Spectrum Strategy advances

Posted October 29th, 2018 by seanm

Access Humboldt applauds Presidential Memorandum for "Developing a Sustainable Spectrum Strategy for America’s Future"

"Today we can applaud an action by President Trump in his Memorandum of October 25, 2018 calling for a National Spectrum Strategy," said Sean Taketa McLaughlin, executive director of Access Humboldt. "Noting that 'American industry continues to extract greater and greater value from spectrum,' the President identifies key considerations for spectrum policy including transparency, flexible use, spectrum sharing and unlicensed access."

President Trump assigned his Administration with the task of creating a "National Spectrum Strategy" within nine months (270 days). The Memorandum instructs the Secretary of Commerce, "working through the NTIA, and in consultation with OMB, OSTP, and the FCC, and other Federal entities, as appropriate, shall submit to the President ... a long-term National Spectrum Strategy that includes legislative, regulatory, or other policy recommendations to:

(a) increase spectrum access for all users, including on a shared basis, through transparency of spectrum use and improved cooperation and collaboration between Federal and non-Federal spectrum stakeholders;

(b) create flexible models for spectrum management, including standards, incentives, and enforcement mechanisms that promote efficient and effective spectrum use, including flexible-use spectrum licenses, while accounting for critical safety and security concerns;

(c) use ongoing research, development, testing, and evaluation to develop advanced technologies, innovative spectrum-utilization methods, and spectrum-sharing tools and techniques that increase spectrum access, efficiency, and effectiveness;

(d) build a secure, automated capability to facilitate assessments of spectrum use and expedite coordination of shared access among Federal and non-Federal spectrum stakeholders; and

(e) improve the global competitiveness of United States terrestrial and space-related industries and augment the mission capabilities of Federal entities through spectrum policies, domestic regulations, and leadership in international forums."

Access Humboldt is actively advocating with regard to spectrum policy on behalf of community anchors and local jurisdictions, participating in various proceedings with Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition (, the Broadband Connects America - coalition to connect rural america (, and the Public Interest Spectrum Coalition.

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Access Humboldt is a non-profit, community media & broadband access organization serving the residents and local jurisdictions of Humboldt County on the North Coast of California USA, managing resources that include: cable access TV channels; KZZH FM 96.7 community radio; a wide area broadband network with dedicated optic fiber connections to twenty locations serving local jurisdictions and community anchor institutions; broadband access wireless networks; a Community Media Center with studio and other production equipment and training on the Eureka High School campus; and ongoing operational support for public, educational and governmental access media services.


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