AH Press Releases
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AH Press Releases

New Cable TV Channel - AH-11 Invites Local Voices

Posted May 27th, 2008 by seanm

New Cable TV Channel - AH-11 Invites Local Voices
Plans to experiment with "next generation" digital media

The new cable TV channel AH-11 will feature local Public, Education and Government programs along with broadband digital media experiments from Access Humboldt's Eureka Media Lab (EML).  read more »

Tech Beat - Civic Media

Posted February 17th, 2008 by jreid

According to MIT's new Center for Future Civic Media, “civic media is any form of communication that strengthens the social bonds within a community or creates a strong sense of civic engagement among its residents.” So, civic media form a cornerstone of participatory democracy – ensuring that all citizens have a voice, and the means to hear all voices.

Access Humboldt launches "Digital Rio Dell"

Posted May 3rd, 2007 by jreid

Free wireless Internet and a redundant municipal broadband connection

Rio Dell, CA – Today the Rio Dell City Council celebrated the launch of Access Humboldt’s “Digital Rio Dell” Project with free wireless Internet access at City Hall. Broadband wi-fi access is now available at Rio Dell City Hall and the service is slated to quickly expand to Rio Dell’s public library, fire station, and other public facilities.  read more »

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