Open Internet Advances in Congress
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Open Internet Advances in Congress

Posted May 18th, 2018 by seanm

Access Humboldt applauds Congressional action to protect Open Internet rules.

Access Humboldt's executive director Sean Taketa McLaughlin said, "We thank our US Representative Jared Huffman for his steadfast leadership to protect the open internet, noting his action today in signing a discharge petition to restore open internet protections that the Trump/Pence administration's FCC seeks to dismantle. The Congressional Review Act (CRA) enables Congress to block administrative actions like the FCC's ill-considered decision in December 2017. Following successful action in the US Senate this week, with support from California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, the US House of Representatives now has the opportunity to act for the public interest and overturn the FCC."

According to a release from US Rep. Huffman's office today's action was "a procedural step that could force a vote over the objection of Speaker Paul Ryan and the House Republican majority who have refused to even debate restoring the net neutrality rules..." Rep. Huffman is quoted in the release saying: "net neutrality is the simple and important idea that the internet should be a level playing field for all users. Net neutrality protects small businesses, innovators, and consumers on the North Coast – and the rest of the country – from blocking and discrimination by their internet service provider."

McLaughlin added: "Cities, Counties and other local jurisdictions have also come to rely on the internet as an open medium with the assurance that a service provider will deliver a resident's request for government content just the same as they deliver any other content. Local communities cannot allow private internet service providers to be the gatekeeper between our residents and the government services on which we depend every day."

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