Skill-Share Workshops

Skill-Share Workshops

Free speech and Access media productions largely depend on community engagement. Our unique community, here in Humboldt County, consist of many individuals, like you, who have skills and experience that can leverage other community members' ability to express their creativity and be engage with the local non profits and happenings. You don't need to be an expert to share your skills - this is where this Skill-Share workshops come in the picture. We compiled a list of topics that will help community members get involved and trained. Take a look at the list and consider writing a two-hour workshop outline that you, by yourself or with a friend, can share with your fellow members If you want to do it but need some help - let us know and we'll to it together!

Please also let us know which workshop you'd be interested to attend so we can work on those first.

Introduction to video editing
Basic introduction to video editing, discussion of terminology ("linear" vs. "non-linear," etc.), overview of software options (Movie Maker, iMovie, Vegas, Final Cut, etc.) and their availability on various operating systems, online editing tools (JayCut, YouTube Create, etc.)

Creative Commons and intellectual property
Introduction to intellectual property issues, explanation of various Creative Commons licenses, overview of web media services' intellectual property policies (Facebook, YouTube, Internet Archive, etc.), BitTorrent and RIAA/MPAA prosecution

Capturing and sharing digital images
Introduction to digital photography: lenses and pixels, SD cards, getting images onto a computer, basic editing tools (Picasa, iPhoto, etc.), online sharing tools (Flickr, etc.), and overview of more in-depth tools (Photoshop/GIMP, Aperture, etc.)

Social media for parents (and others)
What social media tools are out there, what people (particularly youth) are using, how they work, what people are doing with them, all the concomitant privacy issues, etc.

Blogging and web design without code for free
How to establish yourself online with a blog (Blogspot, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc.) or website without having to know HTML or other web design skills (iWeb, Adobe Contribute, etc.) and without having to pay a hosting company (with Dropbox, Google Sites, etc.)

Media activism and citizen journalism
How to cover an event or issue unfolding in real time (disaster, protest, etc.) using a coordinated approach to media tools

Production design
Pre-production and planning—overview of everything that goes into putting a production together, before you actually start filming

Mobile media
Using mobile devices to produce and share media: how to get the best audio and video possible out of your device, how to share that media (either directly online or onto your computer)

Media for community-based organizations
Overview of ways for CBO's to increase their presence in the community and aid outreach efforts with media (social, analog, digital)