Suddenlink Survey and FCC Actions

Suddenlink Survey and FCC Actions

Calling all Suddenlink subscribers and supporters of free speech and local media:

Access Humboldt is currently tracking several important issues regarding local cable services as well as threats to community media funding due to upcoming decisions by the Federal Communications Commission. Read on to find out more:

Suddenlink / Altice Digital Changeover

On Nov. 14, Suddenlink completed its transition to digital cable, leaving many customers struggling to access their services while set-top boxes waited for activation and company representatives were overwhelmed by calls for assistance.

Access Humboldt is planning a meeting with Suddenlink / Altice management mid-December in Eureka to discuss the recent transition and address customer problems with the change-over.

Customers impacted by the change-over are invited to share any issues or questions they would like to see addressed by filling out a brief survey:

Suddenlink Transition Survey

Threats to Localism from the FCC

The Federal Communications Commission is considering a decision that would dramatically reduce the funding received by cities and counties across the country by allowing cable TV operators like Suddenlink (Altice) to significantly reduce their franchise fee payments by creating their own valuations for "in-kind" services such as community access TV channels, network connections, live transmission services (for County Courthouse and City Halls, schools, libraries and other community anchors), and other support currently required in local cable franchise agreements.

The time for responding is now. The FCC proceeding allows for Reply Comments from the public until December 14, 2018, and we are asking supporters of free speech and local media to join us in opposing this decision by filing comments using the process described below:

For reference, here is a link to a sample comment that you may copy, paste and adapt as necessary.

FCC Reply Comment Template

You can simply express why you think community access media are important to you, a recent program that gave you insight or connected you to our community - or use these talking points:

- Coverage of local government meetings helps me be an informed participant in my local community.
- Local programs connect me to activities and events in my neighborhood and the wider community.
- Diverse culture and arts are freely shared through community access media.
- Community centered media provides an open window to our local economy, helping entrepreneurs and workers to develop and share employment and job training opportunities.
- Access to education and local knowledge supports lifelong learning.
- Local media connections make our community more resilient - helping us prepare, respond and recover in case of disaster.

The key point is to register opposition to FCC proposals that diminish media localism, reduce diversity and harm competition in the marketplace of ideas!

Once you have customized your comment, save it as a PDF file and use the following link to open the FCC Filings page:

FCC Reply Comments Filing page

Steps to File Comments

In “Proceedings,” enter “05-311”

In “Name of Filer” enter your name or your organization’s name.

In “Type of Filing” select “Reply Comments”

In “Address” enter your Address, City, State and Zip Code.

Attach the .pdf of your comments.

Check “Email Confirmation”

Enter “Continue to Review Screen”

Enter “Submit”

You should receive an email confirmation.

More Information

If you have questions or need guidance in this effort, please contact Access Humboldt at 707-476-1798 or by email to We can help you customize your comments and file them with the FCC.

Thank you for caring enough to comment in this FCC proceeding, and for supporting local media!

For more details, please feel free to read our press release with links to relevant comments here: FCC Decision Press Release