Super Wifi Project for Libraries - Humboldt Joins National Effort

Super Wifi Project for Libraries - Humboldt Joins National Effort

Posted August 29th, 2013 by seanm

A “super wi-fi” connection will be coming soon to the Humboldt County Library, which has signed on to an innovative new project aimed at making public internet more widely available. Humboldt County is the only California project among six pilots across the nation chosen for a new technology demonstration for wireless internet access using "super wi-fi" or "TV white space" spectrum to transmit broadband internet connections for libraries.

Simply put, the project will upgrade free internet access at the County Library's main branch in Eureka and test "TV white space" systems to provide a larger range of public wi-fi access points in our area. By deploying “wi-fi anchors” into different parts of our communities, the new technology used in this project will connect those points, creating a much larger area in which users can tie in to free, high-speed internet.

“I think that this pilot project and partnership with Carlson Wireless, Gigabit Libraries, and Access Humboldt to use White Space for a strong wireless connection at the Eureka Main Library should improve our users’ Wi-Fi experience once this effort gets going,” said Humboldt County Librarian, Victor Zazueta.

According to a release from Gigabit Libraries Network today:

"Today the Gigabit Libraries Network (GLN) announced the results of its open call to participate in a library consortium to run usability trials across the U.S. on newly available unlicensed wireless communications spectrum called Super Wi-Fi or (TV) WhiteSpace."

"More than fifty library systems and consortia submitted a wide range of innovative proposals to deploy Whitespace devices to better serve their communities and patrons. Six have been accepted and will receive equipment to run trials through the end of 2013. Library groups from all regions of the country(KS, NH, MS, IL, CA, CO) will deploy Whitespace enabled remote wifi access points on “e-bookmobiles” and in other publicly accessible places in their communities."

In addition to Humboldt County CA, the other participants are:
- KS Statewide Consortium: Kansas City, Lawrence, Manhattan, Topeka/Shawnee
- NH Statewide Consortium
- Delta County, CO
- Pascagoula, MS
- Skokie, IL

Access Humboldt is supporting this project through the Digital Redwoods initiative launched in 2007. Wireless and wireline facilities developed at the Eureka Muni-Hub provide interconnection for community anchors including public safety, public education, public health, public media, public works, civic engagement and related purposes.

AH executive director Sean McLaughlin said, "Congratulations to our visionary County Library and local inventors at Carlson Wireless for making Humboldt the home of such real world innovation." He added, "our communication networks and media need to serve local needs and human purposes. Free public internet access at the library is less than the minimum effort required - but this is an important step toward securing our ultimate goal - universal access to open internet."

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