Reach out to a truly local audience, give back to the community and promote free speech at the same time. Public Education and Government (PEG) Programming promotes localism, citizenship and lifelong learning.

Our channels are available on every tier of Suddenlink's service and reach about 27,000 homes in the greater Humboldt Bay area.

Access Channels

Public access channels provide a great way for local businesses to give back to the community and promote their brand at the same time.

Your underwriting contribution will earn you recognition as a community supporter who seeks to improve individuals’ quality of life and sustainable free speech in our community.

Your support enables us to:
- Waive training cost to low-income individuals and at-risk youth;
- Engage youth in civic activities and creative workshops;
- Help educators create engaging curricula and reach students in new and exciting ways;
- Offer media training, equipment rental and studio time at low cost;
- Offer affordable production services to local nonprofit organizations;
- Continue our commitment to support and advocate for free speech in our community;
- Advocate for universal broadband access for rural areas, native lands and public schools; and,
- Research new technology and purchase new media tools.

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Special Events

Along our daily operations we occasionally produce live and pre-recorded programming like Election Night, Sunshine Week Interviews and forums, Community Voices, etc. After the premiere, a show will rerun on the channels a number of times and will also be available for online viewers. These events often receive extra promotion, which could include fliers, brochures, printed articles, radio announcements, and TV channel spots.

Underwriting special events highlights your positive involvement with the community and your commitment to support free speech, democracy, transparency and localism.

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