Video Equipment

Video Equipment

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Access Humboldt has a variety of field production equipment available for use by certified members. The use of this equipment must be for non-commercial and must result in channel content. To reserved the equipment, members (in good standing) must attend a Field Certification and complete a Production Proposal form. Check out equipment list , rates, prerequisites and availability.

Electronic News Gathering (ENG) Kit:

Check-Out Fee: : $5/day, $10/3days, $20/7days.
- HD Camera (VIXIA HV40) w AC cord/ batteries
- RCA cable (red, yellow, white), Firewire, USB Cable (on Request)
- Microphone (hand-held) and Headphones.

Additional Equipment on request

- Shotgun/boom mic (w/ mic boom pole)
- Lavalier/Lapel mic
- Cables & adapters - XLR, RCA. 1/4"e
- Dolly Spreader - Wheeled dolly for moving shots, track (for smooth effect).
- C-Stand & Sand Bags - for boom mike, lights. Fee: $3/day. Free w/ ENG Kit.
- Digital Video Cassette - Fee: $3/day

Flip Camera:
Standard definition camera with a USB output, mini- tripod, cables ( RCA Cable (red, yellow, white), USB Cable). Fee: Free for members. One week check-out (w/ extension one week at a time). Prerequisite: Orientation

Contact us online or call 476-1798 to reserve a kit.

Other Relevant Resources

- DVD Copier - Four copies at a time, self-serve, must provide own DVD blanks.
- Editing Bays - PC/Mac computers available with variety of softeware
- Wi-Fi - at the Community Media Center (CMC).