Access Humboldt staff educators provide fun, engaging digital media workshops and field trips to fit the needs of your youth organization.

Access Humboldt workshops give students the opportunity to get their hands on the latest technology, as they learn the skills necessary to create next-generation media. Instructors stress creativity, group collaboration, and technical proficiency, creating a safe and student-centered learning environment. Workshops can be offered at your organization or as field trips to the Access Humboldt Community Media Center in Eureka.

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Workshops for Teens

PSA and Documentary Video Production

image:PSAAccess Humboldt provides the resources and instruction necessary to realize youth-directed video productions, including public service announcements, promotional videos, and community-focused documentaries. This highly customizable workshop emphasizes responsible, accurate, and empowering reporting, while staying oriented toward the creation of a professional-quality end product. Class length varies.

Do-It-Yourself Moviemaking

image:DIYTeens learn the history and techniques of DIY filmmaking by taking a short film from script to screen. This program highlights artistic self-expression, balancing hands-on video and computer instruction with creative writing activities and challenging theatre exercises. Class length varies.

Intro to Audio and Music Production

image:AudioStudents are introduced to the basics of digital audio production as they work to create a short song or radio PSA. Topics covered include the principals of sound, microphones and live recording, use of mixing boards and midi interfaces, and multi-track editing. [3 hours]

Workshops for K-6

interACTIVE: Listen!

image:ListenUse your ears to explore the world in this hands-on audio class. Students will use their bodies and voices to learn the science behind sound, and use digital recorders for an audio scavenger hunt. We’ll create experimental music with a midi keyboard, and then write and produce our own dramatic radio plays. [2 hours]

interACTIVE: Hack!

image:Hack1337 h4x0rs wanted! We’ll learn about the history and hazards of computer crime, and then use hacker-inspired techniques to discover how computers work. Create remixes of your favorite websites with Hackasaurus, crack the code to image files to make glitch art, and build a simple robot with an Arduino microcontroller! [2 hours]

interACTIVE: Play!

image:PlayInvestigate the history of video games, and play some of the earliest examples. Then we’ll learn the basics of computer programming by creating our own original games with Scratch. [2 hours]

interACTIVE: Move!

image:MoveMove your body to see how the video camera captures your image. Then take our iPod camera kits and go on a video scavenger hunt. Learn the basics of digital photo editing, and use stop-motion animation techniques to create fun, shareable animated GIFs! [2 hours]

Click Here for examples of student work produced in the interACTIVE! workshop series.