Information Ecosystem Assessment

Access Humboldt and Internews are performing an Information Ecosystem Assessment, and we need your help to shape the future of news and information in Humboldt County!

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Contact us today to schedule a Key Informant interview so that your voice can be heard:

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Access Humboldt + Internews = IEA

Access Humboldt has partnered with Internews of Arcata to conduct an Information Ecosystem Assessment in Humboldt County. Beginning in May 2019 in Eureka, the IEA process features a series of listening tours and 'key informant' interviews that examine how Eurekans know what they know about what’s going on in their communities.

The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of how people get local news and information, what sources they trust, and what communities are left out of the media. The information we gather will inform possible solutions to address information gaps, overlooked audiences and other issues related to news and media access.

Information gathered from listening tours, interviews and surveys will be used internally by Internews and Access Humboldt to guide strategic planning for the next several years, and will also be summarized in a public report shared with the communities we visit.

This partnership is part of Internews’ US-based program The Listening Post Collective. This collective helps local media build more trusting relationships with the communities they seek to serve.

This map depicts the Information Ecosystem Assessment process, which identifies existing media institutions and relationships as well as the flow of information through a community.