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Resources at the Community Media Center

Fully-equipped television studio

    • Canon XA10 digital cameras (3)

    • Lavalier microphones and mixing board

    • Studio lights and control board

    • Green screen and Void (black) backdrops

    • Black Magic camera switcher / controller

    • Graphics overlays and VTR capability

Video / Audio editing stations

    • Mac and PC hardware (6 workstations)

    • Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Sony Vegas

    • Multi-format card readers

    • VHS (Cassette) Digitization hardware

Low-Cost Equipment and Facility Rentals

Video Production Kits ($5/day, $20/week)

    • Panasonic HD Camcorder

    • 64GB SD Memory Card

    • Regular and Extended-life batteries

    • Wall plug, USB charging cord

    • Choice of handheld, shotgun and lavalier microphones (with cables & adapter)

    • Manfrotto fluid-head tripods

Television Studio & Control Room ($10/hour)

    • Produce professional quality programs using our fully-equipped recording and editing facilities for a fraction of the price of commercial facilities.

Media Lab Productions

Access Humboldt's Media Lab productions give our members the chance to develop production skills learned in Basic Studio Certification, while also providing an opportunity for local voices to get their messages out to the community. Members who would like to participate in future media labs can contact coordinator Matt Knight at 707-476-1798 or by email to

Here are the types of roles that are usually involved in these productions:

  • Director

  • Floor Director

  • Technical Director

  • Camera Operators

  • Sound Technician