Ready to submit content to Access Humboldt channels?

You can fill out a Playback Request online, or download a printable copy to submit by mail or in person. Additional information about content submission is available here.

Looking for resources to create content?

Access Humboldt offers a fully-equipped TV studio and portable Audio/Video Kits for members.

Check out the details below to see our current prices, and click here to make reservations:

Resources at the Community Media Center

  • Fully-equipped television studio
    • Canon XA10 digital cameras (3)
    • Lavalier microphones and mixing board
    • Studio lights and control board
    • Green screen and Void (black) backdrops
    • Black Magic camera switcher / controller
    • Graphics overlays and VTR capability
  • Video / Audio editing stations
    • Mac and PC hardware (6 workstations)
    • Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Sony Vegas
    • Multi-format card readers
    • VHS (Cassette) Digitization hardware

Low-Cost Equipment and Facility Rentals

  • Video Production Kits ($5/day, $20/week)
    • Panasonic HD Camcorder
    • 64GB SD Memory Card
    • Regular and Extended-life batteries
    • Wall plug, USB charging cord
    • Choice of handheld, shotgun and lavalier microphones (with cables & adapter)
    • Manfrotto fluid-head tripods
  • Television Studio & Control Room ($10/hour)
    • Produce professional quality programs using our fully-equipped recording and editing facilities for a fraction of the price of commercial facilities.