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By the people, for the people.

Access Humboldt is a non-profit public service media organization serving the residents of Humboldt County. We promote free speech and community media.

Media Makers Night

Friday, April 2nd @ 5:30pm

Join us for this free, virtual event for media makers to mingle and showcase their work! The first half of the night we’ll host virtual networking opportunities with a Radio / Podcast Room, a Production Room and a TV Room. The second half will be a film festival with local prizes!

The Redwoods Listening Post (RLP) is a local collaborative news response to the coronavirus pandemic. The project builds diverse local media collaborations to support local news and information efforts. Read more here!

Access Humboldt and Internews have completed the Information Ecosystem Assessment pilot project for Eureka! Click here to view the full report and find out more about the challenges and opportunites in the local media landscape.

KZZH is streaming live! Access Humboldt's Community Radio Station KZZH-LP 96.7 is now available online. Click here to find out what's happening now in Humboldt County!

Who We Are and What We Do

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