Access Humboldt manages five cable television channels and a low-power FM radio station on behalf of the people of Humboldt County.

We are contracted by the County and the cities of Arcata, Blue Lake, Eureka, Ferndale, Fortuna and Rio Dell to provide Public, Educational and Government programming, and offer free air time and access to media resources for local residents. Find out more about all that we have to offer!

Access Humboldt Channels on Suddenlink Cable

  • WAVE7 (SoHum) - Civic content, government meetings

  • EDUC8 - Educational content (local and imported)

  • CIVIC10 - Live and re-aired government meetings

  • AH11 - Local productions and experimental content

  • AH12 - Films, interviews, informational pieces and more

Radio and Streaming Video

Our channels feature a variety of locally-produced material, including public submissions, educational content and government meetings for Humboldt County.

We air interview shows, PSA's, news/political coverage, music and theater performances, community event coverage, short films and experimental pieces.

WAVE7 features civic content including government meetings for Humboldt County.

EDUC8 features high-quality educational programming both local and imported.

CIVIC10 features live and pre-recorded local and national government programming.

AH11 features locally submitted content ranging from experimental to professional quality.

AH12 features national programs like Democracy Now! along with a variety of local content.