Studio Certification

Learn the basics of television production and become eligible to reserve time in our fully-equipped TV studio by completing this 4-hour workshop. $40 for members.

Participants get to try out different roles and become familiar with professional production equipment including cameras, microphones, graphics systems, production switchers and more.

Field Certification

Explore the process of capturing audio and video "in the field" and become eligible to rent Electronic News Gathering kits with camcorders, microphones and all the accessories in this 4-hour workshop. $40 for members.

Participants get an overview of the process of pre-production as well as hands-on practice using cameras and mics to record content.

Podcasting Workshops

Get some hands-on practice creating audio content for the web in this 2-hour workshop using iPads, mics and audio mixers. $25 for members.

Beginning with an overview of the podcasting process and concluding with a practical demonstration of the hardware and software, these sessions are designed to get you up and recording in no time.