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Get involved with community media! Support this vision by donating today! 

Donating to a local non-profit like Access Humboldt and the Community Media Center holds significant importance. It helps to support and sustain independent journalism, which plays a crucial role in providing unbiased and diverse news coverage to the community. By contributing to Access Humboldt, you are directly investing in the development of local talent and fostering a vibrant media ecosystem. Your donation can contribute to the creation of educational programs and initiatives that promote media literacy and empower individuals to become informed and engaged citizens.

Help Access Humboldt continue providing high-quality media services in Humboldt County. 

Underwrite KZZH 

KZZH-LP 96.7 FM is a non-commercial, community based station. Benefits  of underwriting include exposure to an ever-growing local audience, recognition as a supporter of local community radio, and tax advantages. Your support allows KZZH to continue with its Mission to cultivate and strengthen the community in Humboldt County by providing access, training, and radio broadcast opportunities to local citizens.

Request Production Services

Access Humboldt provides full production services at below-market rates for nonprofit groups and individuals working on non-commercial projects. Contact Production Manager Juan Carrillo to schedule a free consultation and find out more.

Sponsor Local Content

With your support AH and our content creators will be able to function at the capacity needed to maintain commercial free, local content! Where you will be able to get local news, information, arts, culture and entertainment!  Your support allows AH to continue with its Mission to cultivate and strengthen the community in Humboldt County  and provide access, training, and broadcast opportunities to local citizens.

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Vehicle Donation Program

You can support by donating your old car to the KZZH/Access Humboldt vehicle donation program. It's quick and easy - and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing your old car is bringing local news, information and entertainment to our community! You may donate your vehicle by clicking the above link - or by calling 855-500-RIDE (855-500-7433.)

Get involved with community media - support Access Humboldt’s vision of providing innovative, self-sustaining and trusted media resources for residents of Humboldt County. Where diverse community members utilize local access media resources to engage in meaningful conversations that increase participation in civic life.