Redwoods Listening Post

The Redwoods Listening Post (RLP) is nurturing the development of  inclusive, solutions based journalism to address local needs through local means. Our mission is t equip and amplify guarded and disenfranchised communities of The North Coast with tools, information and access to media resources so they can create and deliver timely news and information, in the methods specific to their communities.

Project Implementation: The Listening Post Team 

Access Humboldt 

Access Humboldt (“AH”) serves as the hub for Community Voices Coalition organizing efforts, providing resource grants/stipends and serving as a coordinating body for all participants. In addition to small cash grants for Contributors, Partners’ newsrooms will have dedicated access to AH services for training, support, production, translation and distribution to share their stories on TV, radio and online - by any media necessary.


Internews brings national and international expertise and resources, offering consultation on project design and providing direct editorial support for story selection, engagement, as well as coaching on delivering information to hard to reach communities.

Listening Post Collective

The Listening Post Collective provides journalists, newsroom leaders, and non-profits tools and advice to create meaningful conversations with their communities. We believe responsible reporting begins with listening. Media outlets and organizations create news stories that respond to people’s informational needs, reflect their lives, and enable them to make informed decisions.

Redwoods Listening Post (RLP) is focused on bringing news and information to people in diverse communities and produces news and information by,  for and about North Coast residents with perspectives not frequently included in print, TV, radio and online media. RLP was formed in 2020 as an Internews affiliated Listening Post project to cover the pandemic. The project builds diverse local media collaborations to support local news and information efforts while bringing forward new perspectives and accurate, insightful coverage of local issues. Trusted and timely information is important and can save lives. We believe that hearing from members of the community, delivered through the platforms they are most likely to use, is the best way to source and share information that is critical to our community.

Community Partners

Our aim is to create original content of interest to diverse and marginalized populations. Today, current areas of concentration include health and wellness, current events, community resources and related news of interest to Black, Latinx, Asian, and local Tribal communities. We place an emphasis on topics of interest to youth and young adults, LGBTQIA residents and people living in remote areas of Humboldt and Del Norte counties. RLP promotes a solutions journalism approach.

Community Voices Coalition

El Lenador

Redwood Voice

Local Radio

The MARZ Project

The Access Class

Native American Pathways

The Redwoods Community Report

Print Stories

Video Stories

Community Media Archive

The Community Media Archive gathers the diverse local TV and radio programs created through community access - including local non-commercial television channels on cable television systems serving a wide range of Public, Education and Government (PEG) purposes.

Audio Stories

Pitch a Story! 

Grants available! All experience levels welcome, we want to hear your stories!!

We will promote community voices by selecting storytellers that meet these criteria:

Current relevance:

* Why is it important that the community hear your story now? 

* Is this an issue that is not being covered by other local media outlets at this time?  New voices: 

* Who are the people being affected by this issue? 

* Are they members of the community that we do not typically hear from or about?

Geographic variety:

* Where are the impacts or your story idea being felt? 

* What geographic area of the community are you going to highlight in your story?Focused story idea: 

* Please be specific in the description of your story idea. 

* Ideally, your story idea will be manageable for you to address in weeks not months.

Learning Opportunities

Access Class

Access Humboldt & The Marz Project of Ink People Center For The Arts  are hosting weekly media creation classes starting April 2023!!

Tune into information sessions, hands on projects, trainings and more, with local Humboldt creators!

The Redwoods Listening Post is a project funded by Humboldt Area Foundation ,Wild Rivers Community Foundation and California Endowment to support local media curation.