HIP List

Humboldt Interactive Pool List

Need some volunteers for a non-commercial production?

The Humboldt Interactive Pool (HIP) List connects local people who have skills, talent, tools, and creative resources with non-commercial media projects. The HIP List promotes collaboration as a means to create diverse local production, and there are currently over a hundred members signed up with a wide range of skills.

If you are a non-profit or a local government agency that needs assistance producing a video, you can contact our in-house Production services for a free consultation, or send an email to matt@accesshumboldt.net with the details of your project and ask to have it forwarded to HIP List volunteers.

Want to communicate with other HIP members?

HIP members have access to a private group message board accessible here. (Please note that you must be a member of the group to see messages.)

Any current AH member who has attended orientation is eligible to have their name added to the list. Send your request to be added to matt@accesshumboldt.net or call 707-443-9352.

Positions and skills that may be available include: