TV Bulletin Board & KZZH Community Calendar

Non-commercial announcements, community service notices and other public messages can be submitted for display free of charge on our televised Bulletin Board System (BBS) that airs between programs on channels Civic10 and AH12. They will also be included in the KZZH Community Calendar, which is read at 12pm and 5pm on weekdays, 12pm on weekends, on KZZH-LP 96.7 FM. This service is also 100% free to non-profit, community and governmental organizations.

Please note that we cannot air the following:

  • Direct appeals for monetary contributions, support, etc.

  • Information concerning a lottery or games of chance

  • Material intended to defraud or misinform viewers

  • Material that invades the privacy of a private citizen

  • References to any commercial business, service or product

  • Promos for products or services (with the exception of sponsorship as defined by AH’s Operating Policies)

  • Obscene, libelous or slanderous material as defined by law

For more detailed information, please read our Programming Policy before submitting your form.

This screenshot shows an example of a Bulletin Board post airing on Channel 11. When writing a post, make sure to mention all the basics about your event, including Who, What, When, Where and Why.